Friday, November 14, 2008

Before I Go

Hello All.This is Denetta, G's sister. I know that G planned to write a blog message to all of you before she went to see Heaven, but she never felt quite good enough to do it. So, I on her behalf...thinking I know pretty much what she would say...(though we all know I can not presume to speak for G) would like to write to you on her behalf. She is right here with me, we go: (by the way, I know already that if I do not write this in G style, she'd pinch me hard, so...

Hey you thought this message was to tell you I'm a gonner! Nope, not quite yet, still breathing, though hardly. I must say that I am quite peaceful at the moment...could be meds, or death, or family, or HEY, I am going to be in heaven soon...unless God raises me from the dead. I do think that even if He does that, I'd still be in heaven for a second. I wonder if Lazerous was like, "Hey, I like it up here...what do you think you're doing sending me back???!!!" Anyways, I have been through a journey, as we all go through. Many of you have shared it with me. Praying for me, laughing with me, listening to me, looking at my pictures, reading my blogs, watching me thow up, shopping with me, taking me to the hospital etc... (I must say, I am so a size 6 or less right now). I always said that I would probably have to be skin and bones to be a size 6...I was right! Too cold to finally go buy that bikini now! Isn't that just the way it would go!

To my friends and family: I would like to say, without being cheesy that I love you. You are all special people and have meant very much in my life. I do love people, well most people, (I mean I love everyone because God said, just some are more...lets just say "different" than others)...Anyways, back to you...I am thankful for the wonderful time I have had with all of you. I would like to tell you that though I wish I had more time to be a friend, aunt, sister, daughter...I will still be all those things, just from a different place. Remember that life is a blink of an eye to God...I'm just going a bit ahead to see Him. Jealous? I will not be in pain, I will probably be skinny, and I will be able to sing with the angels, what a wonderful thing. I would ask that you all love Jesus with all of your heart until your dying day. God is good and faithful. Though we do not know why things happen the way they do, I trust him more than ever, and believe that He is in charge of this world. Continue to let Him be in charge of yours, for He is good, and loving, and peaceful, and a comforter, and a friend. I know I will be missed...I mean, really, if you think about it...who couldn't miss me! So go ahead and miss me, but don't grieve long for me. I am joyful. I know how soon we will meet, and I will be waiting with long slender skinny arms wide open (did I mention long and slender...and skinny? soon give you a hug and show you around the place I will soon be in. I mean think about it...I get to go meet God, face to face, is there any greater thing? Heaven is our real home, and I will see you soon! All of my love to you, and many many blessings in your time left here! I am very blessed to have known you, and will continue to love you.

See you soon in the big H!

(Heaven, not the other one!)

Love, G


Jeanne said...

My dearest Geneva,
How blessed I have been to have you in my life as a friend. Did you know that you are my new hero? You have been so brave and have fought so hard. Have fun running around in Heaven and give my Mom and Jesus a big hug from me. I will miss your sweet, sweet, smile and your wonderful sense of humor. I love you.

Moe said...

Oh, Babe you have been such a wonderful blessing to me. I thank God for setting you in my path. You have made my life so rich. Thanks to you I have so many precious memories to look back on. My heart is sooooo full when I think about your beautiful face. You have been the best friend to laugh, cry and just plan talk to. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories. I could only hope that your since of humor could rub off on me. I love you sooooo much. I am waiting to meet you in Heaven and yes I do expect to see you waiting for me too. ;)

Cort said...

I know it sounds cheesy but I am a better person just for having you in my life. You have made me see faith in a whole new light. I never knew anyone that had faith like yours. I joke"I want to be like G when I grow up", but it is true. If I can be half the woman you are I will be a better person. I love you! I know I will see your smiling face again. I know I will hear you talking a hudred miles an hour again.
I love you to pieces!!Cort

Marlers said...

You are truly an inspiration to the rest of us that remain. You are a fighter, a very brave fighter and a true soldier. It was a pleasure to have met you. If you should get your "ultimate" healing and not your "miracle" healing - I reckon you will be all the happier and you would not want us to wish you back into this world. I mean, who would want to see Heaven-streets of Gold-gates of Pearl, and then WANT to come back here? I know I wouldn't. I would want YOU to come to ME, and that is what we plan to do. The next time we see you we will all be HOME - what a wonderful sound. HOME. No more pain, no more tears, NO MORE CANCER, no more parting. We will be together for one big party for all eternity in Heaven. Now that's something for us ALL to look forward to.
I love you dear lady. Should you want to go on, let the Angels serenade you on your journey - they will escort you straight into the very throne room of God. WOW! What a meeting! I can only imagine!

I suppose that I'm being a little selfish here, but if you could do something for me, you see, I have a dear Mother & Sister in Heaven who bravely fought cancer. Would you please tell them HI for me and give them a huge hug? Tell them I'm on my way and I'm bringing with me a wonderful Husband and adorable little girl that I named after my sweet sister. Would you do that for me? Thank you!
I promise to be there for your sister who I know will miss you terribly, but we have a promise that someday soon we will be reunited in a land where we will NEVER grow old!

Gee, said...

It has been said and will be said again, what a fine example of a Godly woman you are! I am glad to call you friend! I want to say so many things, most have been said but I will repeat a few..we love you and thanks for being you!!!! Like I tell my kids, "there is no one more wonderful than you and I love you!!!"

SuAnnie said...

My beautiful Geneva,
I can't even express how much you have meant to me. You are an awesome teacher and the best person I have ever known. You have been such an inspiration to everyone you have come in contact with and such a strong person of FAITH! You have made such an impact on so many and you will not be forgotten. When my time comes, I know you will be there waiting to greet me and I look forward to seeing you in heaven. You are a beautiful person, and I will miss you soooo much. I Love You very much, Geneva! Love forever...SuAnnie

itsjoni said...

My dearest faithful friend,
Oh, how I am going to miss you! The impact you have made on my life will be with me forever. I am so thankful that 7 years ago God brought you into my life. I am a better person because of you and what you have taught me about life. I love you soooooo much!
My heart is full of wonderful memories we made and that is what I will keep with me until I see you again. ALL MY LOVE~"YOUR" Joni

"It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer." E. B. White

Shauna said...

I love you girl. You are such a blessing. I will miss you so much. Have fun walking the streets of gold and singing with the angels. Save a mansion close by for me.

Jesse said...

G, you are the best! And will truly be missed! You have certainly added so much to my life! Until we meet again girl! Love you!

Shehopper said...

Everyone has said it all so beautifully! You make we me want to be a better person...sister...aunt...friend...librarian. I have been anxiously waiting for a post from you. I am always so impressed with your attitude and it hasn't changed. Thank you for making such an impact on so many peoples lives. I love you!

jjofar said...

'If I give the very best of me
That becomes my legacy
So tell me what am I waiting for?
What am I waiting for?

In a Blink of an eye that is when
I'll be closer to You than I've ever been
Time will fly, but until then
I'll embrace every moment I'm given' -Mercy Me

G, Thank you for giving your best and embracing your moments. Like so many others, I am a better person for knowing you. love you, jennifer (& tate)

Marlers said...

"Leave me a message on the far side of Jordan; draw me an arrow down in the sand, point to the place where you'll be waiting,
then we'll go see Jesus, hand in hand."

"If I have to knock on every mansion door, walk miles of golden streets, search among the many saints that rest at Jesus feet, I will run along the jasper walls, call your name upon the wind,

Nancy O'Neill said...

Dear Sweet Geneva,
I look forward to seeing you again in Heaven. Maybe God will give us each a Yellow House side by side. Wouldn't that be great? I have wonderful memories of our time together at Sunset. You are without a doubt the most fun person I've ever known. I'm sad for me, but happy for you. I love you, Nancy

Del said...

To all that have stood by Geneva,

You know her as "G" the take life by the horns, give it her all, no nonsense wonderful teacher. I know her as 1/2 of the greatest sisters in the world. She has been in my life since that fateful February day in 1973 when mom and dad in all of their wisdom felt the need to invade my life with a sister. "YUCK!" They didnt stop their but they brought another one home 2 years later. While I had only been in school a short year when Geneva came into my life, I have learned over the next 35 years that sisters are such a wonderful thing. She has loved me no matter what I have done or said. We have argued (Yes she was right I was not her dad and I didnt know everything)and cried together. One thing that is for certain is that she never stopped loving me.
Enough of my rambling as I could go on for hours about Geneva. I want to thank you for all the joy you have brought into her life and for every blessing you have given and for holding the title of Friend with her. You have helped her touch so many in this world and her legacy will continue to live on through all of us by picking up those things that are so important to her.

Thank you so much!
Del (I was not blessed with Geneva's ability to understand grammar and spelling so if there are mistakes it is because she isnt here to correct them)

Rob Cunningham said...


you've been such an inspiration and blessing to so many people. words cannot fully express the love we all have for you. but right now, all we can share are our words. i look forward to the day in heaven when i'll be able to see you face to face once again, and see that beaming smile. it always did radiate the glory of heaven.

cliffandmyrna said...

Geneva, it looks like you may just beat me "home". I hope that you are one of the friends that will be greeting me when I get there. Because of your love for Christ, you have been an enrichment, encouragement, enlightenment and inspiration to my life and I thank you for that. I won't sing "I can only imagine" the same way again without thinking of you.
Love you, Myrna

Keish said...

I still remember the day you told me that you had cancer. I cried, but you were full of laughter, confidence, and faith in God.

"If God decides to take me, I'm okay with that," you said.

And that is what He did....he took you, after allowing us to have a few more years with you. I will miss you my beautiful friend. I will miss your laugh, sense of humor, and honesty. I thank God for our friendship.

I look forward to seeing you again.
Love you G!

Cinda said...

Geneva, your strength, faith, and determination have strengthened so many people. You have awed and inspired me so much in the very short time that you have been in my life. You touch people so deeply with your courage, special humor, that contagious smile, and your amazingly strong faith. My hope is that the children you have inspired will grow up to be just like you. The world would be a better place if we had more beautiful people like you. Thank you for giving me and my girls so much. We love you more than we can ever tell you. We will meet you in heaven when our time here is done.

Edwina <>< said...

Hey Girl!
I'm not going to lie to you, I really want to lay down in the floor and thrown one hissy of a fit. I guess that's why God calls us His "children"...I know that I can act like a child. God doesn't call us to understand, but to trust, believe and obey. (But you know me...I want to understand and I want to be in charge and I want it my way. I actually had a really good idea: You know how teachers donate a day of sick leave? I told God I could convince at least 50 or so people to donate a year of life for you. Well, as you might have guessed, He didn't get back to me on that.)
I can not put into words how blessed I am to share this short part of our journey together. Our long talks, adventure in Belize, wig shopping, helping me through that first chemo experience, the theater (sitting through Phantom), and so many other memories will bring smiles, tears and yes, the occasional eye roll. Your friendship and support will never be forgotten...I've got pictures! Your lifeprints are forever on my heart. I love you bunches!!!!
P.S. Please say hi to my mom and little brother (you'll actually get to meet him before me...don't tell him too many stories!)

songbird74055 said...

Dearest Geneva,
What a blessing and inspiration you are to all who know you! I will miss you SSOOOOOO much! You have fought a good fight, now finish the course with great expectation of meeting your Savior face-to-face. How AMAZING it will be!!! You will sing the song the angels cannot sing-"I'm redeemed by the blood of the Lamb" Perfectly whole~just what you've always dreamed of and waited for! God has definitely enriched my life by being a part of yours. I LOVE You dear friend...we will SING, laugh, and share together again soon. I'll be seeing you...Karen

funehehe said...

I will always count this moment as one of my regrets. You are one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered, and I allowed you to slip away, I kept hearing, but not believing. You will ever be in my heart as that beautiful, innocent, blonde headed girl in my classroom. YOU taught ME!!!! Thank you for those precious lessons!
Love and Everlasting Admiration,
Lisa L. Burton

tinythog said...

I still sing Trenton the song you sang to him when I first brought him to Ator. It was totally you, and I loved it. I sang it to him today...and thought of you. Thank you for the friend you are! I can only imagine the treasures you have stored up in Heaven. I love you!! ~Valerie

Aunt Debbie said...

Dear G,
As I sit here tonight with you I think back on what a wonderful precious addition you have been to our family. There are so many things I could say but those who know you already know you are just simply AWESOME! All of my neices and nephews are special to me and to lose one is like losing my own child but I know (because you have told me soooo many times) that this is what we live our life for.... to go to our real home. Your courage, faith and strength has been an inspiration to all that have known you. I will grieve when you take your final step but I will also thank God that he allowed you to be a member of our family. I love you dearly and will miss you more than you will know. Give my Ed and my mom and great big hug. I LOVE YOU!

Aunt Debbie

Anonymous said...

I know right now you are in a place I long to be with the most beautiful person ever! The ONE who give HIS life for the world.

I know right now you are no longer in pain nor is there any cancer in your body! I know right now you are a very beautiful person WALKING WHERE THE REST OF US WHO ARE STUCK HERE ON EARTH LONG TO BE!

You go girl! I will see you when I get there!

My love & prayers are with those that you left behind!

Kelly said...

Good bye, sweet girl. I am proud to call you my family, but prouder to call you my friend.

All my love,

Cort said...

Sweet G,
I will miss your smile, your wit, your charm, but most of all I will just miss you! I know you are happy with the place you are now. I hope you know how much will be missed down here. I know we will meet again in Heaven. I am sure I will have more non sense crazy info in my head by then to share with you.
Until we meet again my friend, I LOVE YOU!

Jadee said...

Hey Geva~
I love you so much my dear soul-sister, friend, roommate, MK sister! I am so thankful you are no longer in pain. But I will miss you so very much...and look forward to hugging you again in Heaven!
Love Always,
Your Joy-Joy

Aunt Rhonda said...

Dear Geneva,

No words are good enough to express my true feelings. I wish I had been able to be there for you throughout this journey, but you were never far from my heart or prayers or the prayers of my friends and family members.

I truly loved you with all of my heart. You've been an amazing inspiration to everyone you've come into contact with.

I believe I was told once of a time when your Oncologist even said you were the prettiest sick woman he'd ever met. You and your family going through this has given me so much courage and strength and faith to fight my own health battles. I can not thank you enough for the time I had to be in your life. You enriched mine emmensely.

I love you and will miss you very much. I will do my best to be the Aunt that would make the best Auntie proud. Many people across this nation are much richer to have known you. I love you and will be looking for my message on the far side of Jordan.
Always and forever,

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

Geneva -

Found your blog through Rob C's facebook account.

Been praying for you and your family.


Heidi said...

Hi Geneva,

It's your first Evangel roommate Heidi (Bishop) Maempa. I'm living near St. Louis, MO, married to John, mom to Ashley age 6 1/2 and Ryan age 19 months. Rob Cunningham posted a link to your blog so that's how I found you. I'm so sorry for the circumstances that you are facing. Yet I'm thankful for God who is good all the time and the reality of heaven that gives you and me and others hope in times like this. I would have rather bumped into you on facebook or at homecoming or something like that, but enjoy heaven and being a size 6 for me. Your faith and optimism are inspiring! I'll see you soon!



Matt said...


I just got the memo (thanks Rob). Wow. Never knew you well, but always had a respect for you during our Evangel days. Reading through the blog has given me even more. Thanks for being an example and facing death and the joy it will bring with such strength and faith.

Give Him a really big hug for me.

Looking forward to the big Evangel reunion with you and the rest of us with Jesus some day.

Debbie Wilkie Wells said...

My brother Matt just showed me your blog site yesterday. I'm Debbie "Wilkie" Wells that taught at Weller with you from 97-99. I had lost touch with you until yesterday & had no idea of this journey you've been on. Can I just say how amazing it is to see the Grace of God all over you (as it's always been) & giving you the strength & amazing sense of humor to glorify Him as you travel this road. Wow. I have only great memories of you. I remember thinking you always looked fabulous in pink & yellow. It made you look so feminine (I realize these comments are going to be fragmented & random...sorry). Anyways, you were a joy to teach with & I can't imagine just how many lives you've touched here. Countless I"m sure.
My prayers are with you & your family & thank you for sharing your strength & godliness through this blog.

joybelz said...

Thank you for your life, Geneva. You have left a legacy that will continue on in the soul of every person who knew you. By now you surely know how much you impacted our lives and you're going to have some major bling in that heavely crown of yours! Love you!

Juleen Turnage said...

Our dear G: What a tremendous blessing you have been to our family for many years! We have great memories of all the college days you spent at our house, arguing with Marc and trying to keep him straight. We had such fun on the trip to New Orleans and Florida for a wedding. Your passion for life, love for Jesus, and love for others was contagious. We have prayed for you on this long journey. We did not want to let you go yet but you said it was okay if God chose to take you to Heaven. Maybe okay with you but definitely not with us. You made such an impact on Lucas and Jordan in your brief times with them. They wept to know you aren't here anymore. . .as did we all. But we know life here is a vapor compared to eternity. So until we get to spend all eternity together, know we will hold you in our hearts and memories and look forward to that day when a smiling, whole, happy Geneva meets us at the gates. You've made it! Our love, Vance and Juleen

The Bass Family said...

I was so blessed to have known you. My time with you was way too short, but you taught me so much in that year that I was at Ator. I've often found myself thinking about what type of lesson you would be teaching if you were teaching kids about reference skills. You were amazing...amazing teacher, amazing friend... you always stood by my side and for that I am truly grateful. I've already had one long conversation with you on the way home from work today and I was given so much peace. I know you are much happier now. AND SO SKINNY! ha! I love you G... thank you for being the person that you are. Can't wait to see you again.



I still remember the night we first met. Your dad was trying out at our church and I was SO excited because he had kids. I think I talked everyone into voting him in as pastor just so I would leave them alone! (Ha!) I was 12 and you were 9 and Denetta was 6 (?) We played Charlie's Angels together and jumped on the trampoline and sang together. Does anyone still remember the time we were all serious singing a duet in church and your mom was playing the piano for us. YOU (NOT ME!!!) got the giggles and it must have been contagious because I started giggling too and we giggled our way through the rest of the song. Your mother (!) (WHAT was wrong with her! Anyone else would have had mercy on us and STOPPED playing the piano but OH NO, She KEPT right on playing through TWO more verses!
All those nights I stayed the night at your house and and loved you even when you kept hogging your Strawberry Shortcake comforter. So many memories, the night I talked you into becoming a "professional gymnast" and your broke your arm. All those times, you would have thought we would have always have been close, our paths took different ways. I told your mom tonight that all my kids know about you. I always tell them they need to pray for a "Geneva Johnson" for a lifetime friend. The last time I talked to you it weas like we had seen each other yesterday and not 15 years ago. You met Jordan when she was little, when she gets to Heaven I'll tell her to look for you. I know you will take care of her until I get there.
Grandma Hobbs died last month, I've been so sad until now, I know you are with her catching up.
I'll be at your funeral on Saturday, I would have liked to have been able to see you one last time (and skinny no less! Ha!). I will say goodbye to your spirit instead and rejoice that God brought us together. When I get to Heaven we can get a box of Lucky Charms and together we can just eat the marshmallows like we use to. Make sure God has Lucky Charms in His supply closet.

Bye, Lifetime Friend of Mine! thanks for it all! I love you!

(Tp those who don't know us: My daughter Jordan has Cystic Fibrosis. In May at the age of 17 she had a double lung transplant. Jordan has a web site. Tonight I posted my thoughts on Geneva. You can check it out at www caringbridge org/visit/jordanulrich )


P.S. Since you brought it up, I fully expect you to be wearing that bikini when I arrive in Heaven!

Michael Edgerle said...

I concur with Matt and look forward to that Evangel reunion as well. Your name will always be synonymous with that large smile of yours. Your strength and confidence even during your suffering is a great testimony of your character. You have graduated with honors yet again.

Brenden said...

My Aunt G was the BEST piano teacher ever!

kera said...

you are truly an amazing woman, and will be missed greatly. but as selfish we all are, we know you are free of pain and suffering. we shall meet again. love you so much!

Gayla said...

You were a blessing in my life for only a few short years while you were at Evangel. Working for me in the Office of Enrollment you were surely one of my favorite students. Always with a smile and a joy to be around. You will be missed by all who knew you. The world will have an empty spot that can not be filled by your absence.
Love you, Gayla

George E. Gottschalk said...

Dear Geneva,

I confess that I did not actually ever know you. My Aunt, Leigh Martin, and her family attend your church. The Friday night before you left on your new journey I sent a text message to my cousin, Lisa Robertson, and asked how you were doing. I also asked her if we could pray for you because I felt like we needed to pray and let you know there were people beyond your friends and family who would be with you during your transition.

Of course I have no idea why I thought all this at the time, but we did pray on Friday night, which you must surely know by now where you are.

Today Lisa invited me to attend the celebration in Owasso this afternoon. Afterwards we went to Taco Bell to eat since Tony mentioned that, as you must also know. I hope you were able to enjoy it as well!

It's too bad I never got to meet you because I'm in library school, and it would be great to find out what insights you could have given me about libraries. I will not be working in a school library media center, but I know you would have been able to tell me a lot of useful information anyway.

I also receive an "inspirational" type e-mail from a health website I use, called Today's "healthy reflections" was about a person's ability to impact other peopls' lives even when they don't know they're doing so.

Thank you for inviting me attend today in this rather roundabout way!

Anonymous said...

Hi G,
I am so sorry that I never made an attempt to get to know you better. Inspite of this, you have been an incredible inspiration to me, in so many ways that I cannot put words to describe my feelings. It has truely been an honor to have known you. You have made a huge impact on my life, and how I will choose to live my life from this point on. For that, I am forever in debt to you. Although you and I were not very close, I will miss you, I will miss seeing you at the paino, I will miss seeing you sit on the front row across from me. I can only hope that I can become half of the Godly woman warrior that you are! Thank you for the services that you have provided us, and the great example that you have set for us. Tony was right, there is a void now that you are off dancing on golden streets and singing in the great choir of angels! I love you G, and I will so miss you. Until we meet again, you can kick it with my grandma and aunt they are pretty cool too! So, I guess that this is a temporary "good-bye" or better yet, I'll see you later!
Lisa and Lizzie

Anonymous said...

Dearest Geneva, How I wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting you in person. Rhonda told me about you being ill and asked me to keep you in prayer. She loved you so much and when you became ill, she was devastated. Now I understand why. It is obvious you have had an enormous impact on so many lives in such a short time. What a beautiful legacy you have left behind. It was an honor to even know of you and now I pray for your family to heal and go on without you. You wouldn't want to come back and I know you will all be together again in Glory. Thanks to Geneva's family for letting people read about your wonderful daughter, aunt, sister and niece. What a treasure you had.

LESA said...

You and I both LOVED Thanksgiving dinner, I thought about you when we were eating Thanksgiving dinner. My 10 year old son, Sammy told me not to be so sad. (It was my first Thanksgiving without Grandma Hobbs too!) He told me that "everyone know that God is the BEST at everything He does so therefore He must have made the BEST Thanksgiving dinner in Heaven and you and Grandma Hobbs were very happy to be eating such wonderful food!

Well, okay. He also wondered how big the turkeys were in Heaven and exactly how did God go about catching them?

It also seems that you learned to play the piano. I remember the first time we both learned to play chords. We were so excited! Did you play in church?

I have learned throughout Jordan's life since she has been so sick that there are certain people that God simply CAN NOT live without. These people are people that He misses too much and asks us to return them to Him sooner than others. You, Geneva Gail are most definitely one of them.

It's always funny. We had one sworn secret between us, one we said we'd never tell anyone. We called it "Feby 4". We called it that because on Feb. 4, 1984 I had a dream that one of us would only live until we were 35. I knew it wasn't just a dream, I'd never had dream like that before or since, but I thought all along it would be me that went first. I wonder if you remembered that, some how I think you must have. You never forgot anything! were 35. That has comforted me knowing that God knew even then and had it all in His hands!


LESA said...

You and I both LOVED Thanksgiving dinner, I thought about you when we were eating Thanksgiving dinner. My 10 year old son, Sammy told me not to be so sad. (It was my first Thanksgiving without Grandma Hobbs too!) He told me that "everyone know that God is the BEST at everything He does so therefore He must have made the BEST Thanksgiving dinner in Heaven and you and Grandma Hobbs were very happy to be eating such wonderful food!

Well, okay. He also wondered how big the turkeys were in Heaven and exactly how did God go about catching them?

It also seems that you learned to play the piano. I remember the first time we both learned to play chords. We were so excited! Did you play in church?

I have learned throughout Jordan's life since she has been so sick that there are certain people that God simply CAN NOT live without. These people are people that He misses too much and asks us to return them to Him sooner than others. You, Geneva Gail are most definitely one of them.

It's always funny. We had one sworn secret between us, one we said we'd never tell anyone. We called it "Feby 4". We called it that because on Feb. 4, 1984 I had a dream that one of us would only live until we were 35. I knew it wasn't just a dream, I'd never had dream like that before or since, but I thought all along it would be me that went first. I wonder if you remembered that, some how I think you must have. You never forgot anything! were 35. That has comforted me knowing that God knew even then and had it all in His hands!


Carol said...

Dearest Geneva,
You are thought about so often! Your smile and kind words still radiate and echo in our hallways at school. You went above and beyond to make others smile. You shared your music and your books with me and that made me smile! We didn't "hang-out" much, but when we did talk or walk the halls your loving spirit was always shining! I'll never forget the morning you commented on how cute my jeans were-$13.00 no less. You said that they looked cute on me. That made my day-older women don't get many sweet compliments like that! I will always remember your kind words-knowing you did not feel well that day. I miss your kindness and joy you sprinkled over my students using the library and literature-like magic they would listen and learn. Your ideas were always fantastic learning outcomes for the students. I know you are making God's Kingdom smile right a this very moment! And, you are LOOKING GOOD in your ANGEL WINGS! Save me a pair next to yours and we will sing!
Love You,

Brian said...

In memory,

I had the utmost privilege of knowing Geneva for several years. Towards the end of her collegiate career and shortly afterwards she lived with my family and was technically as "live-in-nanny" for two seperate summers. Geneva had a neat way of dealing with annoyances of an early teenager such as how she listened to me play the same DC Talk song over and over and over again in her new (at the time) Cavalier or how she dealt with being struck in that car by a Missouri Highway Patrolman only to be blamed for the accident and being called a "kid" by the female trooper. ( Though I am a police officer now, recalling that accident and how it was 'her' fault still boggles my mind). Geneva was extraordinarily sweet and kind hearted and just knew how to deal with my sister and I. I was blessed to know her and I was happy to have my wife know her briefly as well (and if she knew I posted that she knew me after I became married....well...most of you knew her). I will, and do, miss Geneva very much but I feel that I grew up well knowing she was around. I feel my life reflects lessons she taught me at a young age.