Friday, September 5, 2008

Look What I Found

The other Monday (ok, let's be real, say 3 1/2 weeks ago on a Monday) I opened my purse and found this Did you see it? Look closer... Yep, right there beside my ID badge. It is what you think it is... Sophi-G's Binky.

Apparently she wanted to keep it safe at church on a Sunday evening, so she just dropped it in my purse for safe-keeping.



I know I haven't been posting as much lately, but the past few weeks have been over the top as far as exhaustion goes. I will try to be more dilligent in the future, don't get over excited. I love you guys!


itsjoni said...

You go Sophi G! I was so excited to open my email and see that you had posted. Really cute purst btw! I love you girl!

Moe said...

I check every day to see if there is a new post. I miss talking to you. I am really lonely at work. Yes, I am have G withdrawls. I is bad enough not having Joni there. Love ya Babe!! ;)

Shelia said...

I'm obviously not as computer smart as Joni as I have to log in to your blog to check and see if you've posted!
We've got a prayer warrior group going at should be feeling the effects!
Love ya and miss seeing your smiling face.
Story of the day: I told a "jewel" to get a tardy slip. He stood there for a minute then said, "I don't know where to go and get a party slip." Mrs. Bishline ran into him in the hall and inquired as to where he was going. He told her to the office but he didn't know why. He was supposed to get a party slip, but he didn't know what party he had missed!
Take care, and get class awaits!!!!

Shehopper said...

Yea!!! I have been watching for a post everyday....actually every time I get on my computer. We are praying for you. Love you!!

Cort said...

What a treasure you found....Miss you at work. Take care of you.
Love and Prayers,Cortney

Cinda said...

I am excited to see a new post! I miss you! I like the sound of Sheila's "party slip"... I think we need a few of those.

Jeanne said...

Glad to see you post! That sweet. Maybe she wanted to share with her Auntie G!

And like Joni - cute purse! Too bad I can't fit all my "stuff" in one like that!

Sendin prayers up for you girl!

Gee said...

What a pleasant surprise, glad you posted! That was very nice of Sophie-G to share, & her Binky no less, WOW!!! As stated before, we do miss you!!
Love & Prayers,