Monday, August 18, 2008

My Library, Part Deux

This is the entrance to my library...Atorville Merchantile

This is the opposite side of the entrance...generally called the exit =)

This is our fireplace - above it hangs a print pointilism of OK history, including the Trail of Tears, Will Rogers, the state seal, etc.

And this is the comfy sofa I often use when reading to my Kindergartners. That is a bookwork laying along the length of the sofa. It should be careful, because my windows don't have any pane so that dear may turn omivore sometime and put a hurt on 'da bookworm'.

Please excuse the box on the sofa - it contains a flatscreen monitor that is in the process of being married to his wife CPU tower.



MrsK said...

I am even more impressed and Prouder!!

Jeanne said...

I love it - the opposite side of the entrance - the exit! My kind of terminology....

Jesse said...

So Cute! I didn't expect any less! Awesome!

Cort said...

So now you are doing weddings in the library?jk
You know I love all the work you guys did to the library. It sure is a place teh kids enjoy going!!
Love ya,Cort

Gee said...

This is the sort of library that kids will tell everyone about!!! It is fun and exciting, which makes the kids want to visit it more, not to mention the cool Librarian!
Love & Prayers,

The Bass Family said...

Hey...was wondering the dates for any 5th grade stuff this year.. would REALLY like to go back and see some of my kiddos... especially Mr. Medlock. :) The library is amazing!!