Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Remedies, Anyone?

On one of the blogs I read, the blogger wrote that she had heard that if you apply one-half cup of Miracle Whip to your hair once a week it works great as a conditioner.

I've never tried the mayo trick. But I do wash my hair with a tablespoon of baking soda once a week. (I don't actually use this brand, but this brand has a prettier box than the off-brand-store-brand-60 cent a box brand I use.)

Anyway, I use it as a scrub between my shampoo and conditioner once every week or two. It does a wonderful job of stripping build-up from product. This tip was orignally a suggestion from my stylist, Jesse, as an economical way to deal with the mammoth amounts of product I use. I've used it pretty religiously for years now...well, except during that whole bald period, when I would have used it if I had had hair to use it on.

So what about you? Do you use any 'ole wive tail' home remedies? Which ones? Or which ones have you heard of and wondered if anyone has ever tried it? Really, I want to know.



Jeanne said...

One of the best ones I have used is vinegar on a sunburn... It cools it down quickly and helps it go away faster. Think it has something to do with the slight acid content and ph. But it works!

Moe said...

One of mine (I have a lot)is when you have spots on your cloths, you can use Dawn dish soap on the spot, the spot is gone after you wash. I usally put it on the spot and leave it until I am ready to do the laundry. Even if it is serval days. If you know me at all you know I get a lot of spots on my cloths. :)

Cinda said...

Many people know that Skin-So-Soft bath oil is a good moisturizer and insect repellant, but I have a lot of other uses for it: removing gum from hair, carpet, or dog (yes, there is a story). I also use it to remove road film and tar from my car, and to take off adhesive residue from labels and bandages, wood polish, oil squeaky hinges, on the window seals and screens to repel insects, and the list goes on, but my brain has fizzled.

Edwina <>< said...

Toothpaste on zits (use it at night before you go to bed not during the day...people will stare!)It dries them out without turning your face red.