Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cooper - The Flying Puppy

This weekend my nephews, Austin & Brenden, picked out their first pet. They chose a cute Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix from the Pet Stop in Owasso. At the pet store, they called him Jack-Jack from the movie The Incredibles, because he moves at the same speed as Dash did in the movie.

Naming the dog was a huge decision. Austin really liked Buster and Wishbone. Brenden liked Brownie or Fudge. Denetta liked Jack-Jack, Happy or Dash. Tony liked Roscoe. And Sophi didn't really like the dog. After a long debate and no decision made, Denetta suggested that the boys choose the name the same way she & Tony did when they named Tara and couldn't agree on a name. (They lived on Tara Lane.) Since they live on 41st East street Tony thought it would be kind of fun to joke around calling the dog "Hey 4-1 East!" Eventually, the boys chose Cooper since they live in Cooper Landing.

Cooper loves to play tag, wrestle, fetch & keep away. The boys are in love & Sophi still pretty much hates him. =)

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Rhonda Engelke said...

Hi Geneva,

So gld you have this blog and thanks for posting all of the pictures. It was great logging on and seeing my babies!

I love you girl!
Rhonda Engelke