Saturday, May 24, 2008

Test Results

Let me start with a short explanation for those of you who don't know. In November of 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer. Without boring you with details, it is an extremely rare kind, is typically found in people in their 70's & 80's and has a very low survival rate. I'm considered Stage IV metastatic...if that means anything to you.I have had several surgeries and visits with the transplant team from Baylor (Go Bears!).

We have tried all of the FDA approved treatments and several that were not. My latest treatment, combined with lots of prayer and fasting, appears to be working. My oncologist (who is an awesome guy) found an article where someone with my cancer was taking this treatment for another cancer and it positively impacted both. So I decided to go for it.

There is a blood test (CA-19-9) that is a tumor marker test which I take periodically. Normal is 0 to 37. On March 24th my results were 795 and on May 12th it had dropped to 106. That is a decrease of 689 in six weeks. And for the first time in 18 months, my oncologist smiled at me while talking about my treatment/symptoms/outcome.

So we are continuing with my treatment and will find out new information at my next appointment in (yeah, a whole month away) on June 17th.



The Bass Family said...

Girl... I didn't know you had a blog! You are now on my list of favorite bloggers! I want you to know you are in my prayers everyday! Let's meet up this summer, please!? Love you and miss you! ~Mere

Geneva said...

Hey Sweetie. I would love to connect. I'm working this week (June 3-6) still and then I'm out of town until 6/17. After that I'm free. Let me know when you will be around...I know you must have lot's of plans to play with that new baby!!!
Love ya ~G