Friday, May 16, 2008


On Saturday, May 3rd the most wonderful friends in the world made one of my dreams come true...I went skydiving! It's still hard to believe. For the story to make sense, we have to travel back in time to September 2006 when I made plans with my brother-in-law & cousin to go to Dallas to a jump school. In November, I was diagnosed with cancer and the Dr's nixed the idea -- or I should say the oncollogy nurse explaining what to expect with chemo nixed the idea. Needless to say - there was no jumping out of planes for me!

Recently, Moe asked me to double check with the doctor (since my treatment has changed). She jokingly said, "If he says yes, I'll pay for it." To which I responded -- "If he says yes, I'll let you." Much to both of our surprise, he said yes. So Moe & Joni, attempting to be sneaky, contacted my friends and created the "Make a Wish Foundation for old People" and collected $$ for my dive.

When I arrived at the Hanger ( on Sat. AM I was greeted by the most amazing photographer ( who created a photo journal of the day. After a 20 minute video (where I learned that I could be killed or seriously injured - as if any sane person wouldn't have realized that jumping out of a plane carries risk) Walt & I practiced arching, flairing & turning.

The next phase included checking out the layout of the single engine plane, walking through the entire thing for a practice run, and suiting up in my 'pickachu' yellow flight suit. (The pokemon reference was first identified by Cinda -- Thank you Mrs. Lewis.) Then I met Jill, the videographer, who is a first grade teacher in Tulsa. Then we loaded up in the plane and took off.

At 2,500 feet, we unbuckled the floor seat belts. At 9,000 feet, I turned around and my tandom instructor 'zip tied' us together. At 10,000 feet the door was opened and we scooted up to the edge of the plan and I heard the words gentley screamed in my ear "Ready, Set..." and then we slid off into the sky. After a 360 & a view of the bottom of the air plane we had our picture take and enjoyed a 45 second free fall and then a 7 minute 'canopy' ride to the ground.

After I received my wonderful certificate several of us went into Skiatook to celebrate with a 'dry' lunch at Senor Salsa's.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my day. You Rock!!

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Cinda said...

Hey Pickachu, you look wonderful!