Friday, May 30, 2008

The Last Day =(

Wow! I can hardly believe that school is finally over! I'm still not sure if I want to smile and relax or sit down and cry. I think I'm as bad as the kids are...I dream of summer vacation and when it comes I wish school was in session.

The hardest part is saying goodbye to the people that I see everyday and know I won't be seeing them like this again. Those students and teachers who won't be wearing their 'first day of school outfit' with me next year. All of the fifth graders will be moving on to new buildings. Several teachers moving to different positions in different places. While I'll see these guys again, it's sad to know that our chapter together (at school, anyway) is finished.

In this picture, you'll see one of my favorite 'teaching co-horts' or my educational partner in crime. Joni has accepted a promotion and will be working at the district level in the technology department. Bella, one of my many wonderful 5th graders (picture published with mom's permission), will be moving on to the 6th Grade Center. Since she is the youngest in her family, I will also lose her mother...who just happens to be one of the 'most fun peoples'.

It is also exciting. The library shelves are neat for the first time since last August. The overheads and TV's are cleaned and ready for a new year. And I'm waiting for my new books that have that 'new book' smell.

Of course, there are also the perks of making a low six weeks of vacation where I won't do any school work, workshop, or professional development. During that time I plan to...
  • Go to more little league games
  • Spends days at Big Splash & our pool
  • Not go to the Y at 6:00 in the morning
  • Go out late on a school night
  • Use a computer for fun things
  • Stay up all night reading a book
  • Watch late night television
  • Do my laundry one load at a time (rather than 14 loads on the first free Sunday afternoon I had in a month) AND FINALLY,
  • Play with my niece and nephews

Reality check though - students finished up yesterday. I still have to work contractually until June 6th. But my play date calendar is out and my pencil is sharpened.

Yeah Summer!

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