Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back to the Y

As many of you know, I am feeling well enough now to tackle a new quest. I am finally beginning my "Ireallyamgoingto-workhard-exercise-eat less-eathealthily-focuson" losing my additional 20 pounds of fluffiness that I gained last year thanks to my first round of chemo. While I've known for a while that I was really going to have to do something, I simply haven't had enough energy to care about it enough to do more than just think about it.

So about a month ago my friend Edwina, who has also been blessed with extra fluffiness due to chemo, & I became accountability partners. We have faithfully been keeping our Y membership cards dust free by showing up on the fit floor four or more mornings a week at 6:00 am. (Did you know there were places open that early that didn't sell coffee??? The Nerve!!) Now that school is out - at least for the kiddo's, I work until tomorrow - I have been wanting to switch over and take some of the classes. So...

Tonight my friend, Marilyn, & I tried out one of the Pilates classes at the Y. While I have to say it was a lot of fun, I also feel it is necessary to mention that I have been diagnosed with a new disorder - jello arms. Yes. It's a nasty phenomenom that occurs slowly sometime after 30...unless you are taking your anti-jello medication. Since I've been busy the last 18 months or so taking so many other medications, I just haven't had the time or inclination to swallow the anti-jello pill.

Now what is interesting about this disorder is that it isn't at first apparent. I've done Pilates, Yoga, Yolates & other similar exercise classes for years. The exercises tonight were pretty similar to ones I've done in the past and while I wasn't able to do first position on all of them, I felt ok at the end of the class about my overall performance. Still no jello-arm symptoms.

Marilyn & I visited a little, made plans to meet tomorrow morning at 8:00 am to try out the Zumba class (I'm going in late to work), and walked to our cars. Still no jello-arm symptoms.

I drove 15 minutes home. Still no jello-arm symptoms.

I came in and started preparing Joni's birthday present (Happy 40th Girlfriend!!) and still no symptoms.

I began fixin' (yes fixin', I'm from Oklahoma) my dinner and was attacked by the inability to lift my dish into the microwave. Ohhh the exhaustion!!

Please, no one tell me what happens post-forty!


The Bass Family said...

I would love to meet with you anytime after the just let me know!

Jeanne said...

And you are off to a fine start my friend! Anyone who can sit through an entire Mexican meal and not eat a single chip - you are a true S U P E R H E R O!