Saturday, June 7, 2008

Relay for Life

Several weeks ago was the Owasso/Collinsville American Cancer Society's Relay 4 Life. My team, Ator Kicks Cancer, raised around $3,400. While not huge, a great amount for our first year as a team. The evening started with a speech from a 22 year cancer survivor followed by each attending survivor announcing their name & how many years since their diagnosis. This is the part I was unprepared for...I know, it comes as a shock to some of you and is best stated by Zakk - "What? You mean you'll jump out of an airplane, but your gonna get nervous about saying your name in a microphone?" But it was, shall we say, unnerving. I was just going to bypass this little part of the opening ceremony, but wonderful Travis took pity on me and said I could stand in line with him and he would announce it for me. And I believed the little liar!! When it was his turn, he said his name and walked away leaving me to stare into a microphone that took on the size of a small watermelon.. After a few seconds he turned around, saw my stare, and I think he took pity on me, because he started to walk back and I think announce me. But I then remembered that Glynda married him for a reason and I wasn't sure I wanted to get my first glimpse of his sense of humor right then. So I hurriedly said my name & walked away, because if I get introduced as Gracie Lou Freebush sometime I want it to be my idea.
We did many different fundraisers...luncheons & jewelry, etc. For one of our fundraisers we created our own shirt and then sold it for twice our cost. The profits going towards our team's total. Here Cort & Shauna pose with our cute black & pink tee's.
Of course we also sold cotton candy (Marilyn, Joni & G). FYI, I was covered in three different flavors of melted sugar.
The entire night was a success. The Owasso/Collinsville relay raised over $120,000. Ator participated in every event and managed to keep at least one person on the track all night. That is, thanks to people like Heather, Valerie, Melody & Jamie! Because I sure didn't make it all night. I slipped home around 11:00 to take my meds and get a few hours rest. I was suppose to be back around 6:00 am to complete my part of the walk, but my wonderful medicine took me out of commission until about 10:00 the next morning.
If you don't currently participate on R4L team, you should think about attending and/or supporting an event near you. It really is a wonderful and uplifting experience.

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