Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fit & Forty??

On Saturday my beautiful friend, Joni, turned 40. To celebrate a small group of us had a 'night on the town' on Friday. Little did I know, as the youngest member of her entourage, that I would learn all about the pitfalls of life post-forty.

We started the evening at a fun mexican restaurant on the Riverwalk. The food was delicious, the wait staff exceptional, and the company phenomenonal. Then came my first experience with how the mind slips after 40. You see, even though it had been raining all evening, and the mud was bountiful, Joni thought it would be best to walk through the mud to get to her car rather than using the 'sheet rock bridge'.

When we arrived at her car we found
It seems that your mind does start to slip.

So we had to call Dennis who saved the day with his slim jim

Of course, a certain someone got lost trying to find the bowling alley, but she eventually arrived =)!!

It was a wonderful evening & I hope that we have many more!!!!


Jeanne said...

Ahh... I wondered about the shoe photo! It was a little muddy wasn't it!

Moe said...

Dennis will be so proud to know that there is a picture to prove that once again he has saved Joni from locking her keys in her car. tee hee :)
It truly was a wonderful night to be able to help Joni celebrate her 40th birthday. Just 5 more years for you G :)

Cinda said...

It sounds like you guys had a blast! I sure wish I could have been with you!