Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sophi the Swimmer Cleaned My Closet & Found My Camera

Oh My...I hope you aren't reading this actually thinking that Sophi (who is 17 months) actually cleaned my closet & found my camera. I just left out the important comma because I though it sounded cuter =).

What a Day!! It started with arranging my day to await the Fed-Ex guy...I mean to wait for the Fed-Ex guy to deliver my medicine. (I don't normally fixate on delivery men and plan days to sit around and wait on them. But now that I think about it, it's not such a bad idea.) Anyway, because the pharmacy determines the medicine to be somewhat 'fragile', I either sign a waiver allowing it to be delivered without a signature (which means I accept all financial liability if for some reason I don't receive it) OR I have to arrange a delivery date where there will be someone at my address to sign for it. So I chose the 'I will be home until the delivery comes' method and planned my day so that I could hang around the house and be available to sign for this little bottle.

Does that bottle look like $18,000 to you or what?

Anyway on to Sophi the Swimmer. While waiting for the delivery, Dee brought the kiddo's over to swim. Now this

prevents me from actually getting into the pool. And those of you who know me know, and those of you who don't know me will know now (and really who would want to read this if you didn't know me?), that swimming is one of my most favorite summer activities. So going swimming this year loosely translates to mean 'make sure you stay immersed in the water unless you want your cottage cheese documented for posterity, because G's got a camera & nothing else to do.'

So of course I have to show you another video (or twelve) of Sophi Grace. The first one is more of my gal jumping in & clapping for herself...(she knows that in a family full of boys you better clap for yourself if you want to make sure someone aplauds your triumphs).

Sophi-G has also been working on her swimming by learning to kick her feet. Notice how her arm floaties do the shimmy!

After swimming, we (and by we I mean my sister) fed the boys & Sophi lunch. Then she graciously agreed to help me Clean My Closet.

Just some background info on the closet situation...Since I started treatment, keeping my closet cleaned and rotated with the right seasonal clothing has been pretty low on the priority list. Ok, ok, it hasn't even made a list - priority or not. So, I have winter, spring, summer & fall clothing in about 5 different sizes shoved into my closet. Point in fact, the last time I rotated any clothing was October 2006.

My closet has been packed so tightly with clothing, I didn't have anything to wear, because I couldn't find anything in it. Then, when I finally did get something out, it was - wait for it - wrinkled, and it would have to be ironed. (Now, I don't need a reason for not ironing. I didn't do that before I found out I had cancer. Do you really think I'm gonna waste precious energy on doing something like that now that energy has actually become a precious commodity for me?) So the wrinkled garment would just get shoved back in as I would desperately continue to search for something to wear!!

So six-ish hours & eight trash bags of weeded clothes later (which included one very cute black wool Banana Republic dress with a suede ribbon belt & one cute pin-striped cuffed Gap capri's)

my closet looks like this

Now, I'm not saying this looks great, but compared to what it looked like before (there isn't a before picture because somethings are more embaressing than publishing a picture of my chunky tummy on-line) it is absolutely amazing. At least I can now find what I own.

And during this huge trying-on-to-see-what-fits time (ya really should'a been here for that fashion show Amy), I realized that I can now wear some really cute things that have been too small for a while ~ woo-who!!

After my closet was as done as it was gonna get, I went to put away several bags that had been hiding on the closet floor (how dare they!) and as I slid this winter bag
back into the purse tote. I noticed it seemed heavy. When I looked inside I found

YEAH!!! I Found My Camera. It has been MIA since mid-March. The last time I remember having it was in San Diego right before Easter. On the camera I found this snapshot of Sophi & I.

I remember wearing this dress on Easter Sunday. (It is a cute white & pink sundress with a black two inch ribbon hem & I paired it with a short bolero style jacket in case the church was too cold. To make both items even more attractive I picked them up on sale.) I grabbed this black bag so I could carry it one last time before I put it away until fall. When I got in from church that day I set the purse on my closet floor and it ended up hidden behind clothes.

What a wonderful Day!



Jeanne said...

Cute bag - be sure you can find it next winter! And don't you love it when you find something unexpected? Kinda like getting your winter coat out and finding a $20 in the pocket (yes, I have done this...). What a nice surprise! Love ya!

itsjoni said...

WoW~ Your closet looks great! You go girl!