Monday, June 23, 2008

Do Hospitals have Frequent Guest Discounts?

Do Hospitals have Frequent Guest Discounts? They really should, and if they did I would have racked up a gazillion points by now. Well, maybe not a gazillion, but a least a 'ca-trillion' or two.

Today was my most recent Spa Day at St. Francis. The service was great, but the massuers were on vacation and the food (too good to help with any weight loss and too bad to really want to eat it) was overpriced. Of course, after my last fiasco (See Note at Bottom of Post)I made sure to make my needs known to the people who count - the nurses & PA's. So this time, I came prepared and received all the mind-numbing, memory-erasing medication I needed so as to
A) not experience any pain,
B) not remember any pain I might experience &
C) not care about the pain, because I wouldn't remember it.
(sigh) Itn't valuim great.

Now on with the info...It took two techs & four needles to draw one tiny tube of my blood for labs. It took one nurse & one stick to start the IV. I had one valium, several great IV shots of 'put me to sleep' meds, one intra-hepatic billary catheter check/change. Sixty minutes of sleeping off great IV drugs to eat one semi-nasty turkey sandwich on whole wheat with mustard (Yuck, but they didn't have fat-free mayo) and one fruit parfait. I was home by 12:30, slept until 4:00, and at 5:30 reported for work at the six & under league tournament concessions stand (more about that part later).

I know, I know, I shouldn't brag about how much fun I had today. It could make you feel bad that your day wasn't nearly as much fun as mine, but I can't help it. And don't 'they' say that it isn't bragging if it's true?


FIASCO NOTE: At my last procedure the doctor tried to convince me I really didn't need any sedation or even some meds to relax me, because most people don't.(Run on Sentence)I think when a dr says 'most people don't need any pain medication because it is only a mild discomfort' he really means 'when I tell other people that most people don't blah, blah, blah then those people cave have the procedure done without meds while experiencing excruciating pain because surely they have at least a normal pain tolerance and think how much money you'll save the insurance'. However, me, I told the dr 'just because most everybody else jumped off a bridge, I wouldn't.' Well, to be honest, I might jump off the bridge with a bungee cord attached, but I'd have to think about it for a few minutes first.

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Aunt Debbie said...

I agree... Anytime and I do mean ANYTIME there might be pain and I can get something than will let me sleep through that pain well guess what I'M SLEEPING!!! I remember Ed had trouble with IV's until one time (after many IV's) a very special nurse said "well, lets just deaded that spot and then you won't even know if i have to try more than once or move it around". After that.... he just told them "deaden it or go away" :)
I find it funny (actually stupid) that they usually won't tell you things like that. Sounds like your getting wise to the "Oh most people don't" line. Who cares about most people.... it is me your doing it too!