Sunday, June 29, 2008

Being Blessed

As some of you know, I direct a kids drama group at church called Sticks. You can find out more about it by checking out Jeff Smith's Salt & Light Ministries at Anyway, this morning at church our Sticks Ministry Team performed. They did an amazing job.

I have to say that this was not a song that I was really wanting to do. It looks simple, but is one of the more difficult songs. The kids had really been looking forward to it and wanted to do it. I have to say that even though we had some timing problems they did a wonderful job.

(I have some of the kiddo's faces blocked because I forgot to ask their parentals if I could put them on the blog - oops!)

I couldn't have been prouder of them if it had been perfect. These guys really love sharing Christ's love through drama and they each have the right attitude about the performances...meaning they understand that it is a ministry and it is their job to communicate God's love, mercy and power to others. They do a wonderful job.

I'm also excited because one of the middles school girls, D, in Sticks feels a real passion for drama ministry. When we start back up in September, I will be mentoring D as she steps into a leadership roll. She will be directing our first Fall number. (Basically, I will still be in charge of discipline/management & D will be in charge of teaching & staging the song - that's a big deal!!) D & I met this morning after church to talk about her first step. Beginning this week she will add five minutes to her prayer time every day. That extra time will be devoted to pray for each person by name who participates in Sticks and for our upcoming practices and performance.

Please remember D in your prayers. She is a beautiful young girl who wants to use her talents for Christ and she is very excited about taking this step. I would ask that you pray specifically for her to have: confidence, good time management, discipline (we don't want school or soccer to suffer), and joy. I know that she has the ability to lead and I want this to be a safe experience for her where she can begin to use both her 'flair for drama' & her leadership skills. I would also ask that you pray for me as I work with D. Please pray that I have discernment and wisdom while working with her.

Ooh...just noticed, this seems to be really heavy sounding post and I wouldn't want you to think that I'm that grown-up or anything. So...snot. What does that have to do with anything? It doesn't, but surely I can't sound to adult-ish if I have the word snot in my post =). If nothing else Austin & Brenden will think it's funny.

Love Ya!

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