Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cancer, Pain, Blah, Blah, Blah

This is one of those boring health updates sprinkled with ridiculous information that no one really wants to know. Of course, maybe you would rather hear about the ridiculous & skip the boring, hence the reason they will be sprinkled together and be equally annoying to both the serious and ridiculous among you.

This picture is purposeless (but cute)...kinda like my Monday was.

hmmm, I think I might see a pattern emerging with my summer...

Anyway - I woke up about 24 hours ago (1:30 am CST, Wed 6/9) in know the kind - intensive, incredible, I'm crying & not pretty tears - pain. It felt like a vise wrapped around my torso. Ed, I'm sure you can appreciate that comparison - BTW since I'm a bad friend & haven't checked up on you how are you feeling??? You want to do lunch Mon??? And with that aside, anyone else want to do lunch Mon?? Mere, are you in town? Moe, Joni, Cinda, Jeanne, Nancy, Jennifer, Anyone, Anyone, Anyone? We'd have to call Marilyn, because she has a life and doesn't get on the internet...not that all of you fine people don't have wonderful, fulfilling, beautiful lives, but you care so much about me that you read this silly blog of mine on occasion...not that Marilyn doesn't care about me, just in case you start to think badly about her. She does. She just doesn't care on-line like you do, unless she does, then oops! sorry Marilyn! Ok, I think I've dug myself a hole. Where is that edit button?? Moving on...

Back to pain like a vise...I took a high-powered muscle relaxer and used Dad's massage chair, no relief. So half an hour later I took 2 narcotics (I like calling pain medicine 'narcotics' because it sounds so whimsical), added moist heat, no relief. Twenty minutes later, took 1 more narcotic, no relief. At 2:30 am, I had maxed out my medication so I went on a scavenger hunt in Mom & Dad's house looking for a vibrator and accidently woke up Mom. Then she started doing the alternately moist heat & ice. Around 3:30ish, my pain level had come down to tolerable. For those of you who like the pain went from a 10 to a 7. For those of you who like the went from 'suicide sounds good if it weren't a mortal sin' to 'please don't ask me to have a coversation, I can't think or sleep'. For those of you who are thinking..."Idiot, why didn't you go to the

not that you would actually call me an idiot. Or maybe you would. But I know you would say it with love!

I didn't go to the ER because by the time I realized that nothing I had was going to work it was 3:30. It would be 4:00 by the time I got to the hosiptal, 7:00 by the time I got to triage, 8:30 by the time I saw a Dr. So I waited until 8:00 and called the Dr's office, had an appointment at 9:30 and started a schedule II hand carry pain med quickly thereafter. I spent the majority of today in bed.

But on a lighter note, the baby book I made for Sophi came in the mail today & it is incredibly cute!!!!!



Cinda said...

Let me know when and where you want to have lunch and I am there!

Jesse said...

You have got to be the strongest person I know! Love ya!

Edwina <> said...

Okay...I finally figured it out. it took me a couple of tries because I had a hard time reading the letters I was suppose to type. (Maybe a trip to the eye doctor might be in order) See you Monday. Oh btw, I saw Velma at Halmark...she's a newlywed! She said she might stop by.

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