Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hospital Visit - Day 8, 12 hours

After I posted last night, I have had three seperate extreme episodes of pain. We are talking incredibly-extremely-way past the point of pissy pain. However, interspersed were some ok times as well.

I just wanted to hop on and quickly leave you guys a message to let you know how much I appreciate and covet your prayers, love and freinship.

In a few days I will be giving you some information on how you can help me if you would like. It doesn't take any money, just a true faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, a belief in divine miracles, and a 10 minute per day real commitment in prayer. I will lay out all of the steps for those of you who are interested and a way that you will be able to respond if you would like to partcipate.

Love you Bunches!


itsjoni said...

I think and pray for you all the time! Just had to post to let you know that I love you bunches!

Cinda said...

I love you and will continue to pray for you.

Edwina <>< said...

Hi G! You're in my thoughts and prayers. I'm up for anything else I can do for you. Will be in Texas next week, but at school on the 4th. Love you bunches!

Moe said...

Well BAbe, You name it and I will do it no matter what..... Hugs & Prayers, Moe

adkins said...

I'm in girlfriend just tell me what to do and I will.
WE LOVE YOU !! Susie

Carol said...

I will do whatever it takes! You are in my prayers! Continue to get your pain under control!
Love, Carol

Gee said...

Glad to hear you are back! Know that we are here for anything you need!! Trav wants to know when he gets to see Gracie Lou again, lol. Miss ya and see ya soon.
Love and Prayers,

Shelia said...

OK, this blogging thing is new to me! I'm having to get a new account every time I leave you a comment!

Shelia said...

YEAH!!! I figured out what I was doing wrong!!!
Count me in to become a part of your "centurian" army. As you lay RESTING we can go to ask for you. (Matt. 8:5).
You've been in my prayers, but I look forward to becoming a part of your "plan".

Jeanne said...

I love a plan! I'm with Moe - just
let me know what we need to do. Love you lots!