Friday, July 18, 2008

Smart Friends

I told my friend Jennifer the other day that she needs to update her blog more than once a year. Please feel free to check out her blog and leave her a comment suggesting the same... Jennifer's Thoughts. Her excuse is that she doesn't have anything to blog about. She doesn't think her life is interesting enough. Now I ask you...has that ever stopped me?? Nope, Nada, Not really. As we both know, when nothing is going on I just make stuff up. A perfect example of this is today's blog entry.

Now to be fair, I do have things going on. I'm visiting two of my really good friends in Springfield, Marc & Amy, and their family. Marc & Amy run The Lashon Institute. Their company provides educational opportunities, including Study Tours throughout the Mediterranean world. They also personally teach seminars and have multi-media resources to assist religious educators, students, pastors, and lay leaders in the study of Ancient Judaism and the origins of Christianity. They also offer continuing education credits.

Wait a second, that makes them sound way too smart to be my friends. They're not. I'm mean not too smart to be my friends...not, not smart. Because, well, they really are really smart. But they occasionally go slumming with an unorganized, haphazard, pays her bills late way too often, prissy, dork of a girl like mean. Ok, ok, not like me - specifically me. But they do deign to condescend to be my friend.

Last night, we went to Marc's parents to grill out. This is me being a prissy dork (or as I like to secretly think of myself 'hot chic', but if I just told you then I guess I'm out of the closet not - hold on, don't go there, not that closet) next to the pool

while everyone else is having an esoteric conversation about the decline of the western hemisphere. Ok, well, maybe that's not true, but it makes for a cute story. We were really laughing at Elie who was running around the pool being incredibly cute like this while the boys were swimming.

I guess that's enough of nothing for now.

Oops! Forgot the reason you guys really log-on
Attitude/Emotionally well-being - YEAH!!
Pain Level - Kinda Pissy

There we go.



itsjoni said...

Glad to hear from you and you made it safely to MO. Great pic. of you! Beautiful!!!! Talk to you when you get back. I will be back at work. OH MY!!!! Love you!

Jeanne said...

I agree that is a B E A U T I F U L photo of you! Shows you as you really are girl... Love ya!