Friday, July 25, 2008

Sorry -- No Pics

FYI ~ I promise that no dictionaries, keyboards, or fingernails were harmed during the making of this post. Loosely translated, I plan to type fast and not use the backspace. So please consider the following errors pre-planned for your reading enjoyment.

Let's see...I've been kinda sick lately...ok, ok, I don't have time to be coy...I'vd been in a ton-abuncha pain spending time crying whiled the dr would look at mmemand say "if i took this much iv narcotics it would kill me. you must be in a a lot of pain" luckily i woulod havde to sday anything generalyy Amy or Dee would make some smartm incitefull - please notice I said incitefull, not insitefull - comment 'ya think?" ir "you know she's got cancer." Then I wouls enter the lAND of low pain, but nI woul walso make comments aaout fyling cereal only eating vegetables if you take your children out to eat. And those where apperatly the comments that kinda made sense.

I have a tone of info to share, but i'M MUCHLY needing to go to bed. I will try to tell you the new when I care a 'itty bitty more care and attentikn to editing rather that just prentending I don't but I do at least run spell check.

if you are planning on vidistintomrooe plrsdr call me first. The chanced of seeing me are very slim at the momement.

For the Amy Rating System I have created 5 new scoring addtions before "really pRissy" they are 'increadibly pRissy", 'yeah, I sure its at least a 9!' 'breathe, pause, tear......oh, yea rememeber to breath, let tear drop.....oh, yea rememeber to breath"

Current rating----X 'increadibly pRissy"



Aunt Debbie said...

WELL - I see the pain meds are working..... :)

Jesse said...

Okay, Can I just say I can't believe you are blogging feeling like such pooh! You have certainly been in my prayers friend! Love ya!

Shelia said...

So, there is a "R"in pRissy!
However, I do believe that it would more adequately describe if you left the R out!!!HA
Glad the pain is about under control.
Still praying!