Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Friends...Part Deux

These are my friends Rhonda & Pammie...or should I say Pammie & Rhonda since Pammie is the cutie-patootie in green & Rhonda is on the right with a camera around her neck.

Now that camera is the reason why there are so very few pictures of Rhonda floating around. And what a beautiful camera it is (sigh). Not that I have camera or lens envy. Because I don't. Well, I do. But I went to confession and said my 'Hail Marys'. Well, that's a lie. I'm not Catholic, so I didn't go to confession, and I didn't say any 'Hail Marys'. But if I were Catholic, I would go to confession about this camera/lens envy thing. And if the priest told me to say a 'Hail Mary' I would. Well, maybe I would. 'Cause true repentence would mean that I would intend to stop having camera/lens envy, and I'm not sure that I'm really to the place of real repentence yet. Not that I won't be there at some point - just not right now. Moving on...

I met these two beautiful ladies through my brother-in-law. Rhonda is married to his dad and Pammie is his little sister. Rhonda is an amazing person. She is so down to earth and real - no pretense, no facade. She is who she is. She has this confident way of accepting people that validates who they are in Christ. Rhonda is one of those people who seems to have the knack of seeing past what people appear to be and seeing who they really are and who they have the potential of becoming.

Now Pammie is a sweetheart. Before I go on, I need you to know that I am highly biased against children, because I have such amazing dorks for nephews and an incredible niece with a princess-complex. But, if I were going to nominate a child not directly related to me for an award, Pammie would have to win it. She is a normal 3-4 year old, don't get me wrong. Amazing as she is, I'm sure her momma would attest to her 'I'm a child under five' syndrome. But this is a little girl who is truly lovely. I'm not sure there are words to describe her...of course, that's never stopped me before so there's no reason to let it stop me now. Pam is precious. She is the type of little girl that you hope grows up to be the type of lady your son marries...sweet-spirited, gentle, generous and kind.


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Marlers said...

G! You crack me up! I love reading your stories....and I will repeat, you should write a book. I'm certain that it would rise to the top and become a best seller. You make me laugh, I love to be around people who make me laugh. :) Keep the faith - we are pulling for you!
Love you & your family too! :)