Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Man Ingenuity

On Saturday the house was full of cute little dorks. Several of the under 12 crowd from church were over for a swim party. During this time Sophi, my niece with the princess complex, would wander back and forth from the deck to beg to be put in the water (see Sophi the Swimmer 6/22) and back to the living room to visit mom.

About 4:00 my sister went to change a must-be-changed-now diaper to realize that they were out of diapers...oh, the sad fate of being a third child. When she realized she was out she did the seasoned mom bit and just put her shorts back on sans diaper. Well, it seems that Sophi-G wasn't quite finished yet and without going into the shrieks and laughs and details her shorts were no longer an option.

So my dad, the John Deere wanna be, simply and effectively solved the problem.

Do you see his solution? Look closely now... Yes that is exactly what it looks like, a burp rag and electrical tape.

What more can I say? I guess I come by my dorkiness genetically.



Jesse said...

Go grandpa, bringing back the cloth diaper! Cracks me up!

Cinda said...

This reminds me of the time my aunt rigged a diaper. It was her 6th child and her method involved paper towels, plastic bag, and duct tape. Ah, good old ingenuity!