Saturday, July 12, 2008

SF Seeks...

The other day one of my friends who will remain nameless, Tori, asked me if I was dating anyone. Because, apparently, according to my nameless friend, Tori, the only thing this blog should be used for is communicating my dating life. At least, it's the only thing of interest to her. But, you see, if I were using this blog to communicate my dating life, then, well, I wouldn't have anything to write about. Of course, if you follow my blog at all, you know, I never have anything to write about but I do it anyway. But if I were to use this exclusively for dating, well...then..ummm...nothing, nada, zilch, zip.

Of course my sister promises me that I am not one of those people that you walk away from and say, "Well, there's a reason why she/he's single." Of course, my sister is, well, my sister and thus is biologically required to feel that way. Ok, let's be honest. She isn't 'biologically required to feel' it's more like 'free babysitting so she will say', but let's not argue over tiny details. She says people don't say it, so we will just go with that. Denial works for me.

So, we'll go with the fact that I work in a field where all the single guys are...well...ten. That, and the fact they think I'm a library goddess, just throws the breaks on any potential relationship.

What about church? That would be a great place to meet a good christian guy. At least it would be if there were any single guys between say 25 and 45 who attended my church.

Surely, you say, there has to be some single doctor. I will say that I attract a lot of medical attention where ever I go. Somethin' to do with this crazy/unique/rare diagnosis of mine. But for some reason the romance is gone when they lean in and with a serious and expectant face ask, "Do you mind if I look at your belly?" Then you know all the interest has to do with the fact that they want to see the scar of a famous surgeon. It has nothing to do with my stomach cute-ness, or lack thereof.

So I thought I would write my own singles ad.
SF with slightly strange sense of
humor, blog that doesn't say much
of anything, and large medical debt
seeks SM with good sense of humor and
strong faith in Christ.

Yah, I'm pretty sure the offers will just start rolling in now. So Tori (hold on was I keeping your identity a secret?) I hope this post will satisfy your 30 something, 2 children under 5, sense of vicarious living. I love you girl!


Addendum ~ It was pointed out to me that some of you may need to understand that if I were dating someone, I still would not be posting anything about it on this blog. Call me strange, (cough) and I know you do, but some things really are to personal to share until loooonnnnnnnnnnggggg after the fact. =) Love you!


Jeff said...

I'll be glad to do the background checks on any potential responders to your ad :)

Of course, very few would last through the interrogation and electro-shock procedures!

Carol said...

You would be the "catch of a lifetime!" Keep your fishing pole in the water, who knows what could happen?!! I love reading everything you write, you make me smile! Carol