Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hospital Visit

Today, I went to the hospital to have my, as Cheryl puts it, "oil changed." It is a fairly routine non-invasive, well as non-invasive as you can get when someone slides a wire between two of your ribs, procedure. We left home aroun 10:30 & got home around 4:00.

oops forgot

x ok

When I got home I went to bed to sleep of the after-affects off my date will prescription medication. When I got up I realized that the cap on my tube is leaking. While this may not seem like a very big deal to anyone else, it is! You see, in the process of leeking it got on my cute Nike skirt =(.
Do you see all of those yellow spots?? If I didn't have 101 fever I would edit that picture and add arrows to make sure they were as obvious in the photo as they are to the naked eye. They're on my cute red sheets as well. Of course it isn't as big of a deal for the sheets since they're dark red, but it is the principal of the thing!!

My sister is coming over later and we are going to have take the cap off and attempt to put it back on. Hopefully, we will be successful because otherwise instead of leaving town tomorrow morning I will going to the doctor to have this little issue corrected.


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Cinda said...

Oh no! Not the CUTE Nike skirt! Stupid leaky tube! You may have to go shopping for another cute Nike skirt. How awful! ;)