Monday, July 14, 2008

Double Church Day

This is my adorkable nephew, Brenden. Brenden has an especially unique personality, which lends him to viewing the unique kind of way

Case in point, yesterday for the rest of the world - ok, ok, the rest of the world residing in North & South America - was Sunday. But not for Brenden. For Brenden, yesterday was double-church day. That meant, eating out for lunch & hopefully getting invited or inviting someone to spend the night since it is Summer. It meant, not getting to spend very much time with dad, since he's a pastor. It means attending church twice and knowing that in one of those services you will be with the grown-ups.

It makes me remember Sundays when I was a kid - you know, back when I couldn't understand why in the world people took a Sunday Afternoon Nap. And I'm not sure that my views of Sunday as a child were all that different from Brenden's...except I never coined a cute word like 'double-church day.'



Jeanne said...

So funny! I remember those days as a kid. And we couldn't "ASK" mom or dad in front of the friend. We had to ask in private - just in case they had to say no for some reason. Many an afternoon spent with the preacher's kids either at their home or ours. Thanks for reminding me of those times. And
I love "double church day". We had lots of those too...we would sometimes be allowed to bring paper and pencil and draw during Sunday night church (with the grownups). I also remember FINALLY being allowed to sit away from my parents. It was a big big deal. Ahh the memories...Turley Assembly seems like a long long time ago!

Rob Cunningham said...

i still have "double church" sundays, only they happen at 9AM and 11AM each week. but i still find myself drawn to the enjoyable sunday afternoon naps...