Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where do these kids learn these things?

One day last week when I was feeling human - is that opposed to non-human or non-feeling do you think? Anyway, when I was having a good day last week I took these two dorks-in-training

along for the ride.

Austin, cutie wearing GAP, really wanted to buy a book on Meteorology/Weather Forecasting at Barnes & Noble. But, being the book critic I am, I convinced him to wait and to let me help him search on-line and find a better book. Please listen (OK, read for those of you who don't understand poetic license) to a snippet of their conversation on the way home.

To preserve their identities Austin will be known as GAP Kid & Brenden Nike Boy. Darn, I guess I just blew their secret identities. Bad G...Bad G...Bad G...

GapKid When I get this book on how to forecast weather, I won't need to watch the news anymore because I will be able to look at those maps and be able to make my own forecasts for mom & dad.

NikeBoy silence

GAPKid Really, I will. As long as I keep reading and learning, I'll be able to measure air pressure, track wind patterns, and forecast.

NikeBoy silence

GAPKid what do you want to learn about Brenden.

NikeBoy I don't need to learn anything. I all ready know what I'm gonna do when I grow up.

GAPKid What?

NikeBoy A Hurricane Hunter

GAPKid So you should spend your money on books about hurricanes and stuff.

NikeBoy Nope. I already know everything about Hurricane Hunters.

Ya gotta love being six!

GAPKid Brenden, they learn new stuff about stuff all the time. Ya gotta keep up.

NikeBoy silence

GAPKid But, Brenden, you don't understand. When I was looking at the meteorology books at Barnes & Noble, I saw this stuff about a new barometer that they just invented.

NikeBoy silence

GAPKid Really! And I didn't check the copyright date so all of that information could be really from 2001 and they could have invented a whole bunch more cooler things since then!

I don't know where children hear these things these days. For all my Blog Stalkers - hey, it could fact, I might just create myself my own secret identity and leave myself a message as a blog stalker just 'cuz, so there - I have been known to discuss copyright date and their importance to book selection with GAPKid.

NikeBoy silence

GAPKid Brenden!

NikeBoy I'm still gonna be a Hurrican Hunter.

Yep, six is a great age!


And as a side note, Sophi-G let me hold her this afternoon in the presence of her mother

and she smiled. For those of you who may be confused, Sophi is wearing pink & I'm in red.

Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that momma was taking the picture and daddy was doing the 'smile Sophi' dance behind her while dangling a binky just out of her reach. Nope, nothing to do with that at all. She smiled 'cause she likes least that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.



Rob Cunningham said...

hey geneva, i've enjoyed discovering your blog. you're on my blog roll now. continuing to pray for ya!


Jesse said...

And looking just like her Aunt G!

Marlers said...

So beautiful!!